For [info]demonqueen666's Sweetest Day Drabblethon. I chose [info]alcetis' prompt Firefly- Mal/Simon- "Do you miss it?" (Actually, I wrote this ficlet when I first saw the prompt on the requests post, before prompt-claiming was even opened.) Hope it suits!

Title: Sweet Nothing
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Mal/Simon
Word count: 218
Rating: PG-13 (post-coital nudity)
Prompt: "Do you miss it?"

Warm and cozy and sated, his face resting comfortably on Mal's firm chest, Simon wasn't sure why the thought came to mind just now, but he found himself saying aloud, "If I'd stayed on Osiris, today would have been my fifth anniversary at the hospital."

He felt the change in his captain's breathing, but the man didn't say anything for a while. Simon had just decided he wouldn't get a reply when Mal finally asked, "Do you miss it?"

Now it was the doctor's turn to take his time answering. "Sometimes," he decided to answer honestly. "I could never have done anything differently, not once I knew River was in trouble--but yes, sometimes I wish I were still there. Even with..." this "...With everything I've gained here."

Mal was silent for even longer, but a soft caress down Simon's bare side was almost reply enough.

And that small gesture made Simon unreasonably brave, brave enough to use the one tidbit of information he had about his captain's past to try to glean more. "What about you? The farm where you grew up? Do you miss it?"

The body under him tensed, then shifted, leaving Simon alone in the warm spot of a suddenly cold bed as Captain Reynolds silently returned to his own room.


A little angstier ending than a Sweetest Day fic should have, oops. I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Happy Sweetest Day!

From: (Anonymous)

Ah, this is a late reply! Busy!me has been busy lately...
Aaaah. Lovely. So much more than I expected. Angsty but perfect. Simon being truthful... And Mal... oh gods. :) So much win.
Winwinwin. Beautiful. :) Bookmarking now.


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